Our Capsules

Bull Creek Dry Goods only makes aluminum coffee capsules. A lot of other companies make Nespresso®-compatible capsules out of plastic. It costs a lot less than aluminum, often half as much. Clearly, plastic capsules can be good for business. They just aren't good for coffee.

All high quality Nespresso®-compatible capsules are aluminum. Nespresso® machines are designed for aluminum capsules, and plastic capsules often don't puncture correctly. As a result, plastic capsules often let in too much or too little water, ruining the carefully calibrated brew pressure. If you've ever brewed your own espresso, you know that dialing in the correct pressure is crucial to a good pull. Aluminum capsules are designed to puncture predictably so that they hit the intended pressure every time.

Even if plastic capsules were as reliable as aluminum capsules, their coffee wouldn't taste as fresh. Our aluminum capsules are flushed with nitrogen to keep oxygen out, which keeps the coffee fresh by preventing oxidation. More importantly, our aluminum capsules are sealed tight against atmospheric oxygen, while gasses can easily seep through plastic capsules. Compared to our aluminum capsules, plastic capsules let oxygen seep in between 1000 and 100,000 times faster. No matter how carefully you pack a plastic coffee capsule, it's going to go stale on the shelf.

Our partners put a lot of time and love into perfecting their roasts. The only way to bring that perfection to your Nespresso® machine is in an aluminum capsule.